envision Product Manager (PM)

This industry-driven data management system allows manufacturers to send data to a single data collection hub rather than individual feeds to multiple builder divisions and third party products.

Manufacturers can determine data transport method – either an automated XML feed or a robust data management application - whichever works best with existing business processes.

Regardless of data transport method, all manufacturers can preview presentation of products to builders’ design center staff and ultimately homebuyers.

Unique ability to generate reports and analytics on how products are offered, viewed and finally selected.

More than just a product catalog, Product Manager supports manufacturer product marketing directly to both builders’ design center staff and homebuyers, including:

  • Robust product information & images
  • Links to visualization tools, tours, wizards & configurators
  • Sales strategies for design center staff on how best to position manufacturers’ unique products
  • Content articles displayed in context with products for additional education and brand awareness
  • Delivering warranty information directly to builders’ design center staff and homebuyers and collecting product registration information after the sale.