envision Design Center (EDC) - Making Options Work

The sheer number of design decisions often overwhelms buyers and results in hasty choices they question later. The Envision Design Center gives them all the time and information they need to make more thoughtful decisions.


A builder-branded website, complete with custom navigation and homepage, guides buyers through every step of the home building process so they can target essential decisions and don't feel overwhelmed. Buyers can only view the options available for their home and can browse through rich-media marketing materials, read articles and buying guides, compare products and save favorites to a wish list.

Builders who already have a virtual design center solution can still take advantage of Envision’s data collection and management products, and then integrate the data into an existing solution.


  • Facilitates communication between buyers, builders & manufacturers
  • Checklist takes buyers through every step of the options selection process
  • Buyers prepare for design studio visits by saving items to their wishlist
  • Magazine-style interface and simple tabbed design on product details page is friendly & easy to use
  • Standard options are grouped on a single screen

Customized for every builder and buyer

  • Buyers see only selections that are available for their home
  • Customized homepage integrates fully into builder’s website
  • Builder-customized navigation guides users through selections
  • An integrated mortgage calculator lets buyers know an upgrade’s cost and how decisions will affect their monthly mortgage payment

Rich product content and marketing

  • Consumers can comparison shop from search results
  • Buyers can display multiple style, color and finish choices on one screen
  • Product information is enhanced by multiple images, “glamour shots,” and multimedia content
  • Category-targeted articles support and enhance the selection process
  • Product specifications give buyers the facts they need to make informed decisions
  • Information such as warranties and owner’s manuals improve buyer satisfaction even after the sale is complete