envision Presale Buyer's Portal

Besides just using Envision and its product content from 250 manufacturer brands for contracted buyers (increasing margin per home by thousands of dollars!), Envision Builders are also using the tool to generate leads out of otherwise anonymous browsers on their websites!

This is how it works:

Builders simply put a link on their websites next to a plan or a community that offers prospects the opportunities to ‘design their dream home today’! Prospects then click into Envision (branded as the Builder) and start saving their favorites to their own account. Of course, when the prospect creates an account, a lead is generated for the Builder. And the best part is that these leads are converting to sales at an unheard rate of 16%, almost 3x compared to other lead sources.


  • Convert otherwise anonymous traffic into identifiable workable leads that have a 16% conversion rate to sales.
  • Show off the fabulous ‘differentiating’ products/options/packages and use them to help sell buyers.
  • Have buyers fall in love with and start designing their homes before they have even contracted.
  • Tout that you have a personalized online buyer portal for your home buyers in the selling process; leverage as a differentiating feature of ‘your’ new home buying experience.
  • Free for Envision participating Builders; just comes with the Envision package!